Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Easy Lunchboxes Set - 8/31 - ENDED

Enter here at Mrs. Nesby's to win this set before August 31st, 11:59pm, EST.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Organic One Size Fitted Diaper - 8/31 - ENDED

Head on over to Your World: Healthy & Natural blog to enter this giveaway from Babee Greens! Ends August 31st, 11:59pm EST.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Esty Crayon Roll - 8/30 - ENDED

Head on over to Crunchy Beach Mama to enter this low-entry giveaway for a handy-dandy little crayon roll. Seeing how Katie already loves to draw so much, I can see this being very useful in the near future!
Ends August 30th, 11:59pm ET.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Giveaways I've Won!

Just thought it'd be beneficial to post about giveaways I have won, since so far, reading this blog, you'd think my luck was pretty bleak. Some of these I won before starting this blog, and some of them are ones I entered which didn't require blog posts for extra entries, so I didn't bother. Or I was in a hurry, so I didn't bother. :-)

1.) $15 gift certificate to Pink Princess HERE. Unfortunately I'll have to spend $8 of that on shipping. Unless I want to spend more than $35...then I can have free shipping. Also, I have to spend it before 9/30/10. So I can't wait for a sale or a shipping special. Grr. I might be able to get a hair bow! LOL.

2.) Some Basic H2 Cleaning solution HERE. I've tried this out and really liked it! The prices for their cleaners seem very reasonable. I may order something from them eventually.

3.) A package of Red Raspberry Leaf tea HERE.

4.) A code for 24 free 5x7 photo cards from Shutterfly HERE. Hoping to use these for birth announcements. I want to check to see if there's an expiration date here, but they didn't say, so I'm hoping not. :-)

I thought it was interesting their sample card here chose a date so close to my own due date, Nov. 10! Don't worry, though...the name is no where close. ;-)

5.) A fancy-schmancy baby monitor HERE.
This was kind of a fun win...I just did one quick entry in the giveaway, only to earn myself in another giveaway they were running that I actually wanted to win. This one had way too many entries (586, by the end!) already for me to want to bother adding in multiple entries.
So when I got the email telling me I'd won, I was mildly pleased. :-) But, really, what would I do with all the snazzy features on this monitor? I have a monitor already and if I wanted an $80 monitor, I'd pick one that had the video monitoring feature.
Lo, and behold, they shortly followed up with an email saying they were having back-order issues with the monitor, and asked if I wanted to choose something else comparable! Since I couldn't find anything in the options they gave me that added up to a comparable value, I decided I might as well try and see if I could get two things out of this! I suggested these items that added up together to be about the same value, and they readily agreed to give me both!
So, here's what I'm getting...two things that'll be MUCH more useful to me than that snooty monitor and things I would've had to buy eventually, and now I WON'T! :-D

A car seat for when Katie's about 3...#2 will be about ready for what Katie's in now, and maybe we'll be getting ready to use the infant rear-facing seat we have for #3! Three car seats in our car! :-D


Perfect timing for this! I have a little seat to set on top of the big-person toilet, but I want something that is easier for Katie to use herself, and that I can leave her sitting on for a bit without having to worry about her falling off!

(Sorry if there's any weird format problems with this post. Something about the last couple photos keeps throwing weird font size problems in...)

Baby Dipper Feeding Set - 8/29 - ENDED

Head on over the the Baby Dipper Blog to enter their giveaway for the Baby Dipper feeding set. Low entries...only 86 shown so far.
Ends August 29th, midnight CST.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Handmade Baby Hairbow - 9/12

Head on over to Heavenly Savings to enter this giveaway...a handmade hairbow, (of your choice, I'm guessing,) by SlingsNThingsBB Esty Shop.
Ends September 12th, 11:59 pm, MST.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Doopsy Cloth Diaper - 8/26 - ENDED

Head on over to Mommy & Me Giveaways to enter this giveaway before August 26th, 11pm CST.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Balboa Shopping Cart Cover - 8/25 - ENDED

Hurry back over to Frugality is Free to enter this giveaway! It also ends tonight at 10pm EST.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Tommee Tippee Bowl Set - 8/25 - ENDED

Be quick and enter this giveaway at Frugality is Free before 10pm tonight EST!

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Virtual Baby Shower Giveaways! - 8/30 - ENDED

Go on over HERE to enter these amazing giveaways! They're all easy, fast, one-step entries, too...a big plus! Also, a new giveaway will be added everyday until Friday!
Ends Monday, August 30th at 6am.

Bravado Nursing Tank

Handmade Wooden Teether

$25 gift certificate to this lotion/soap company

A pair of BabyLegs

Mama's Herbal Kit

Belly Bandit...a postpartum tummy support

Handmade knit baby hat

A three piece organic teether set

Best of all...
A Moby Wrap!

A Labor Kit

A nursing bracelet...or a nursing necklace, but I'd choose the bracelet.
For an explanation, click HERE.

Handmade Storage Bag

Cloth Wipes

Mama's Bath Soak

Sing Song Yoga DVD

Handmade Wooden Rattle
Chicco Keyfit Car Seat

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Nursing Pads - 8/28 - ENDED

Go on over here at Life in a Shoe to enter this giveaway! Ends this weekend sometime. :-)

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Monday, August 23, 2010

BOSCH Giveaway!! - 8/23 - ENDED

Wouldn't this be awesome to win? :-D
Chances are slim, since there are currently 1295 entries...but ya never know! :-)

Enter over HERE before 8pm MST tonight, August 23rd.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Mini List Taker - 8/24 - ENDED

Enter here at Eco-Friendly & Frugal for a chance to win this lovely Esty prize before August 24th!

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Thirsties Duo Diaper - 8/26 - ENDED

Enter here at Mom to Bed By 8 for a chance to win a Thirsties Duo Diaper in your choice of print before August 26th.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

DiaperEnvy.com $15 Gift Card - 8/24 - ENDED

Enter here at Stash Mama before August 24th to win $15 gift certificate to this website!

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shabby Apple Dress - 8/22 - ENDED

Enter here at the Second Time Around blog to win a dress from Shabby Apple before August 22nd, 10pm, MST.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

CushyToosh Cloth Diaper - 8/21 - ENDED

Enter here at Haute Tot & Baby Couture before August 21st.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Bummas Cloth Wipes - 8/19 - ENDED

Enter here at Cherry Blossoms before August 19th, at noon, EST.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Bummas Cloth Wipes - 8/31 - ENDED

Enter here at Takin' Care of Twins Reviews before August 31st, 11:59pm EST.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Bummas Cloth Wipes - 8/20 - ENDED

Enter here at the Babybix Blog to win one of two sets of Bummas cloth baby wipes before August 20th.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

EnviBum Cloth Diaper - 8/21 - ENDED

Enter here at the Mommy of 1 and Counting blog before August 21st!
Also, check out the EnviBum website! These diapers look so soft and fuzzy! I want to win! :-D

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Pearl Earrings or Sewing/Journal Set - 8/31 - ENDED

Enter here to win one of these two prizes! Very low entries!

Ends August 31st.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Baby Dipper Feeding Set - 8/18 - ENDED

Head on over to Mama to 3 Blessings to enter this giveaway!
Ends tonight, August 18th.
Also check out the BabyDipper Blog.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bummas Cloth Wipes - 8/12 - ENDED

Enter to win a set of Bummas cloth wipes over at Giveaways for Mom by August 12th.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jamba All Natural Smoothie - 8/14 - ENDED

I probably wouldn't have bothered entering this giveaway, but if I entered a second giveaway on the same blog as the Boon Potty Bench, I got an extra entry, so here ya go! :-)

Enter here before August 14th, 11:59 ET.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Boon Potty Bench - 8/10 - ENDED

Enter here to win this snazzy potty bench before August 10th, 11:59 ET!
I don't usually enter giveaways that already have this many entries, (653, currently!) but this looked just perfect for current/up-coming events in our household! :-)
And it's expensive, so it'd be awesome to win it.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Muddy Feet Boutique Dress - 8/10 - ENDED

*Gasp! *

Enter here before August 10th to win a this dress in your choice of color and size!

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Totsbots Easy Fit Diaper 8/15 - ENDED

Enter here before August 15th.
Low entries so far! 90 entries with multiple ways to enter!

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(

Another BabyBond Nursing Cover 8/11 - ENDED

I really wanna win one of these...can you tell? :-)

Enter here at Your World: Healthy & Natural before August 11th, 11:59 EST. Only 33 entries right now, and multiple ways to enter.

ENDED: Didn't win. :-(